6 Pro Level Tips For Pet Lover Photographer

Animals are a joy to figure with and photograph, and there’s simply one thing gratifying concerning having the ability to capture your pet’s distinctive temperament and charm in a very photograph.

But, though most pet homeowners love taking photos of their pets, the very fact remains that animals aren’t the simplest subjects to photograph. Most pets tend to own a brief span, which suggests they aren’t typically fascinated by sitting still or holding a create for terribly long, and a few would possibly even be frightened by the camera.

So what are you able to do to capture higher photos of the one that you love pet and embrace them in addition to your family photos? whether or not you’re the proud owner of a dog, cat, hamster, parrot, or ferret, these pet photography tips can assist you to pick up results on every occasion.

1. Plan Ahead

While a number of your pet photography may well be spontaneous, most of the time, you’ll pick up results after you set up ahead. begin by distinguishing a couple of areas round the house with sensible natural lightweight, like close to an outsized window, sky lightweight or glass door. Then tidy your shoot locations and take away any uncalled-for distractions like shoes, jackets or different house litter.

2. Avoid Victimization Flash

Most animals have sensitive eyes and also the camera flash will be quite surprising for them. If their 1st experiences with the camera ar unpleasant, they’ll come back to look at it as one thing shuddery or intrusive.

On-camera flash is additionally quite harsh, therefore unless you’re fully-fledged victimization strobes or flashguns, you’ll possibly find yourself with red eyes and unflattering shadows or glare. So, with this in mind, it’s best to stay to victimization natural lightweight the maximum amount as attainable.

3. Capture Them In Their Component

The best thanks to capturing your pet’s distinctive character on camera are to photograph them once they are feeling relaxed in a very acquainted setting or whereas doing one thing they love. So, trust a number of your pet’s favorite things and the way you would possibly capture these moments on camera.

As an example, your paroquet would possibly like to inspect its reflection within the mirror, or maybe your cat is happiest once alert on the sting of the couch within the sun, or even you’ll snap some action shots of your gnawer enjoying its running wheel or tunnels.

4. Use Food And Toys

Since most animals have a brief span, it will be troublesome to urge them to create, sit still or perhaps look in your direction. this {can be} wherever their favorite treats and toys can are available handy. notice one thing your pet can’t resist, whether or not it’s your dog’s favorite high toy, a freshly sliced apple for your parrot, or some flower seeds for your rabbit.

you’ll be able to then use these to urge your pet’s attention, encourage them to perform a trick they understand, or perhaps simply snap some fun shots of them taking part in or munching away gayly. If attainable, raise an acquaintance or friend to assist you by standing behind or next to you and obtaining the animal’s attention.

5. Opt For The Correct Lens

Using the correct style of the lens will build your pet photoshoots plenty easier. though there’s nobody style of lens that may be right for each scenario or animal, it helps to contemplate your pet’s size and additionally the kind of activities you propose to photograph.

A smaller pet sort of a gnawer, gerbil, turtle, or perhaps snake may well be easier to photograph with an extended lens, as you’ll be able to capture clean-up shots of the animal while not obtaining to shut yourself. With larger animals like cats and dogs, you’ll be able to typically photograph them at nearer vary while not horrifying them,

Therefore a 50mm or 35mm prime lens might work simply fine. On the opposite hand, if you would like to capture action shots of your pet running or jumping, a telephoto lens may well be additional convenient, as you’ll be able to focus or out while not physically obtaining nearer or moving back.

6. Shoot At Eye Level

There are also times after you see a chance to photograph your pet from on top of or below, and this may actually work some fascinating and impish shots. However, as a general rule, it’s best to urge all the way down to your pet’s eye level and photograph them from there, as this can be the foremost natural perspective and can facilitate the viewer connect along with your subjects.


Show us your pet photography collection by tag us on Instagram ast @presetsgallery. I hope that these 6 tips will help you to get a pro level photo of your pet. thank you!

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