Beginner Friendly Lightroom Mobile Tutorials: Grow Up Editing Skills

You will find many tutorials of Lightroom on the internet, but these Lightroom Tutorials will help you understand the advanced level editing from beginner, then see all these Lightroom tutorials in full and bookmark this page so that in the future if

Anytime you read the need for any tutorial, you could see it quickly.

Lightroom Overview

Editing the color of the photo is done in Lightroom, the color of the photo is made better and the color is fixed. If you have Lightroom software, then open and download if you do not have it. Here you can very easily download and install Lightroom software. Open Lightroom by downloading and installing.

Editing on the go isn’t only for Instagram lovers anymore, because of expert editing apps even the foremost experienced photographers are often opting to edit on mobile. you’ll achieve effects almost like traditional desktop softwares, correct any issues, and even fix the lighting, all on your mobile . And, now that professional editing equipment is out there to the commoner (the Lightroom mobile app is free) editing your photos to reflect a private style has become the norm.

However, with professional quality equipment, comes a particular amount of required technical expertise. That is, you would like to understand the way to use it.

Unlike other photo editing apps, Lightroom encourages users to make their own filters, instead of simply apply a preset. this enables each and each user to make something completely unique, but it can make editing photos far more daunting. Lightroom mobile has some surprising capabilities, that even the foremost experienced professional might need a hand with, so we’ve gathered an inventory of tutorials to assist walk you thru editing in Lightroom mobile.

Basic Edits On Lightroom

This is an excellent place to start out if you’ve just downloaded Lightroom mobile. it’ll walk you thru all the fundamentals during a concise manner that’s easy to follow, and map a simple route to editing all of your photos.

Have you felt lost when it came to photo editing? Here may be a complete Lightroom Mobile Tutorial. When it involves editing photos on your phone, Lightroom Mobile is one among the foremost useful editing apps for photos today. It are often frustrating to require a photograph and not have the tools or know-how to effectively edit your photo.

If you tried using Lightroom Mobile it are often challenging. Here’s a guide to assist you understand the essential tools within the app. we’ll undergo each of the editing tools on the most menu and also provide some pro tips. Are you able to get started?

Basic Features

I have listed here some basic features of Lightroom mobile app.

General Editing Controls

The first step this tutorial for Lightroom Mobile is to know the essential editing controls. These are an equivalent throughout the app. This app is out there for both Android and iPhone. There are sliding and tapping tools that provide useful ways to quickly edit a photograph . You’ll learn them below so let’s start .

Use Of Slider

You can either move the slider to the proper or left to extend or decrease the effect otherwise you can tap to incrementally increase or decrease the effect.

Use Of Before And After View

To see the unedited original image of the photo, touch and hold on the middle of the image. The screen will toggle back to the old image so you’ll see the edits.

Hidden Image Features

  • A single tap on the photo takes you to a full view of the photo
  • Tap again then you’re back in editing options
  • Zoom in and image by pulling and pinching
  • Tap on the image with two fingers to ascertain some info about the image
  • Tap with two fingers again and you see the histogram

Redo Buttons

Tap the curved arrow to require you back one step. To redo the image hold your finger down on the rear one button and slump to the redo button.

Reset An Image

To reset the image, scroll right to the very end of the editing menu until you see the reset option. Tap on the reset and you’ll see that you simply can choose between the first edits or the last step.

Pro Tip: If you think that you’ll over-edit the image while you adjust the slider with one hand, tap on the image with the opposite . this may show a black screen, then as you slide right highlights will gradually increase to point out the overexposure or overediting.


Profiles are used for quickly adding edits that adjust the visual style. They include premade features like monochrome or black and white. this is often an excellent thanks to create a beginning search for your image. to regulate the profile by moving the slider to extend or decrease the strength.

Use Of Auto

Tap on the auto button to make auto edits, then the settings will change to enhance the image. you’ll tell which settings are altered because there’s a small dot below the menu options that are changed. Tap on the changed settings to regulate the auto-corrected options. First set the auto option then edit the settings from there.


I hope you learned tons about Lightroom Mobile. during this tutorial, you learned of all the features during this powerful app. it’s going to still be confusing to you so here may be a recap of what we learned. First, we discussed the overall editing controls which will be throughout the app. This includes the sliders, tapping to ascertain hidden image features, and the way to reset and image. Then we learned the way to quickly edit and found out your Lightroom Mobile setup.

Next, We were ready to add clarity to a picture with effects by increasing the feel , clarity and a vignette for another effect. Lastly, we discussed Lightroom basics mobile with everyone. Please share questions or comments you’ve got within the comments section below.

Thank You everyone !


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