Cinematic Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download

We were asked many times of cinematic lightroom mobile presets, before we move forward to download these cinematic lightroom presets let’s know a bit about what are cinematic presets?

Basically cinematic presets are similar to other lightroom mobile presets only difference between them is that cinematic presets let you to enhance, colour grade, beautify your photos and pictures with some premium settings that professionals use.

Cinematic presets are nothing just an DNG format image file with pre-adjusted settings of lightrooom mobile or desktop, whenever the preset was applied all the settings were copied in just single click without any further messup.

Download cinematic lightroom mobile presets for free in dng format and apply to your images to make them look gorgeous, stunning and so beautiful.

1. Creamy – cinematic lightroom preset

This Creamy lightroom preset will transform the colors, lighting and give your photos a Beautiful and unique soft creamy and light brownish cinematic look.

Creamy pastel lightroom Preset Download

2. Pro Orange – cinematic lightroom preset

This Pro Orange cinematic lightroom preset will transform your photos with great colour combination of Orange and dark teal.

Pro Orange lightroom Preset Download

3. Pro Green – cinematic lightroom preset

Pro Green lightroom Preset will color grade and give your photos a stunning dark green unique look.

Pro Green lightroom Preset Download

4. Cine Gold – cinematic lightroom preset

Cine Gold lightroom preset will enhace and colour grade your photos to be looked like cinematic by adding soft gold tones to them.

Cine Gold cinematic lightroom Preset Download

5. iPhone Vivid – cinematic lightroom preset

This iphone Vivid lightroom Preset will optimize your photos and provide a overall colors and environment as like as clicked by iPhone.

iPhone Vivid lightroom Preset Download

6. Coffee Shop – cinematic lightroom Preset

The Coffie Shop lightroom preset is one of the best cinematic preset among all it optimize exposure, contrast and provide your image a cinematic composition.

Coffee shop cinematic lightroom Preset Download

7. Faded Green – cinematic lightroom Preset

The Faded Green lightroom preset is the best preset for outdoor photos it will optimize green color and give your photos a better look.

Faded Green lightroom Preset Download cinematic

If you’re a beginner in photography, these cinematic presets will definitely make your photography journey awesome.

It will help you to increase your editing skills as well creativeness. So that you can be able to create presets and unique looks by yourself.

Download and use these handpicked cinematic presets for Lightroom mobile, they will work on wide variety of images like travel, fashion, food, urban, lifestyle and aerial photography.

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