How to Make Your Own Presets in the Free Lightroom App

Make Your Own Presets in the Free Lightroom App. With presetsgallery we are here to help how you can create your own lghtroom presets on android.

Download the free Lightroom mobile app on either iOS or Android. You don’t need a subscription to make presets

What Are These Presets ?

A Lightroom preset may be a configuration of settings, designed to realize a particular look or sort of your photo. you put the presets into your lightroom then once you click on a specific preset while within the develop module, the pre-determined (pre-set) settings will apply thereto photo.

With only one click on a preset, your photo is often altered in many different pre-set alterations to colors, hues, shadows, contrast, grain, and more. the sweetness of using presets is that the consistency of favor, time-management, and ease they carry to your editing sessions.

If you discover presets that employment for your style, you’ll speed up your workflow dramatically and you’ll achieve the colors and appearance you would like without having to edit each photo individually. Once you click on the preset and it applies to your photo.

You’ll then make manual adjustments because it’s likely the preset won’t be perfect on every photo. Lightroom presets are an honest foundation but often you’ll still get to make several adjustments to every photo to form sure they’re perfect.

Lightroom Presets are designed for easy photo edits that make a bright, sunny, and tropical pity your travel photos. I often only use one-click edits for my photos but most times I will be able to make a couple of adjustments after using the preset to make the precise look I would like after the preset has created the bottom.

If you would like to ascertain some before and after comparisons of photos when using Lightroom Presets you’ll view the Mobile Lightroom Presets or the Desktop Lightroom Presets.

Step 1 – Edit a photo

Once you’ve followed step 1 above, upload an image into the free Lightroom app. fiddle with the various settings to urge your required edit. inspect step 2 above if you would like some help.

How To Create A Lightroom Preset In Smartphone

Once you’re proud of the editing settings it’s time to save lots of your adjustments and make your own preset!

  1. Click the three dots within the top right corner.
  2. Select ‘Create Preset’.
  3. Fill within the preset name and what ‘group’ (folder) you would like to save lots of it in.
  4. Click on the tick within the top right corner.

So, you’ve created your own preset! confirm you are trying it out on other photos to form sure it works on quite one picture. Open another photo and click on on the preset to use it. You’ll find the presets on the rock bottom menu to the far right.


I hope you enjoyed my step to step guide on the way to make your own preset on Lightroom. Lightroom is my personal favorite photo editing software, and it’s the foremost popular one for Instagrammers. this is often because it’s easy to find out the way to use and it allows you to control colors.

You’ll need a subscription to use Lightroom on your smartphone, otherwise, you can use it for free of charge within the app (you just can’t use all of the tools). Lightroom presets will assist you to quickly edit your photos and maintain a consistent look.

If you’re having trouble with creating a preset that works on multiple photos then I might recommend purchasing presets created by other established influencers (you can tag us on Instagram and show your creativity to us at #presetsgallery).

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