Teal and Orange Lightroom Mobile Presets free Download (DNG)

Most of PresetsGallery.com users asked us that how can we get Teal & Orange effect on our photos? Is there any preset available? How can we Download preset? And more similar Questions like this.

Teal and Orange is one of the most trendy and popular photo effects. Nowadays bloggers, traveling, influencers, food bloggers, in weddings everyone prefer to use this look in their photos. It really emphasis skins tones and gives out a beautiful look.

What is Teal and Orange Lightroom Mobile Preset?

Teal and Orange Lightroom presets are the set or combination of settings and adjustments which will give your raw photos a Orange-teal moody cinematic look in just one click. It is a simple DNG file where all the  image settings are stored, once you use this preset all the stored settings are applied to your image.

Download Teal and Orange Lightroom Mobile presets for free and start editing your photos with these presets. We have attached a DNG format preset, download and use it to edit photos in Lightroom Mobile on both Android and IOS devices.

Teal and Orange Preset: BEFORE & AFTER

teal and orange lightroom presets free downloadteal and orange lightroom mobile preset free downloadteal and orange lightroom mobile preset free downloadteal and orange lightroom mobile preset free download

It is perfect for beginners photographers who wants to color grade their pictures fast, easily and give them out a a professional/cinematic teal and orange look.

This preset mainly consist of two colors tones that is Orange and teal, by making small adjustments to color, hues, saturation, vibrance and lighting photos will achieve your likely orange and teal effect.

How To Install Teal & Orange Lightroom Mobile Preset ?

Step 1. Download teal and orange lightroom mobile Preset.

Step 2. Import file into lightroom Mobile App.

Step 3. Click on : Three(3) Dots, Located at top right corner.

Step 4. Tap create preset. Name it and add preset to your collection.

Now you can find your preset inside Lightroom Mobile Presets section. Apply them to your likely photos and make them good looking.

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