What Are Lightroom Presets And How To Install?

When ever you’re working with Lightroom and trying to edit your photos to give them a professional look or to achieve a certain look that you have imagined, isn’t so easy.

As of you’re a beginner, definitely it’s to hard to edit photos and give them awesome look.

At first you will try to adjust few settings like brightness, contrast, saturation and other but it didn’t result out expectations.

Here Lightroom Presets helps you out to easily edit your photos in less time with of different mood types and photo effects.

What are Lightroom Presets?

A Lightroom preset may be a configuration of settings, designed to realize a particular look or sort of your photo. you put the presets into your lightroom then once you click on a specific preset while within the develop module, the pre-determined (pre-set) settings will apply thereto photo.

Lightroom presets are the set or combination of various settings, i.e. Color combination, lighting controls, details, and more adjustments. By using your preset to your photo, it will apply all pre-set (pre-determined) settings in just one click and give your photo a stunning professional look.

Edit and give your photos a enhanced, moody and high quality professional looks by simply choosing your likely Lightroom presets. After applying preset you can customize few more settings according to your need.

Also, you can save your customizations into a new preset and can achieve your favorite photo effects perfectly to another photo in one click or you can share preset with others by exporting them.

Exported presets files are saved as .xmp file for Lightroom PC and .dng file for Lightroom Mobile.

How To Install Lightroom Presets?

Here may be a quick guide the way to install Lightroom Presets on desktop computers. Whether you employ Lightroom on Mac or Windows.


Go to Develop Module (Shortcut D) and click on the sign on the proper side of the Presets panel.


Select your presets individually or install a zipper file that’s easier and faster then click Import.


How to Install Lightroom Presets

1. Download your Lightroom Presets from presetsgallery…
2. Navigate to the Develop Module in Lightroom and click on File>Import Develop Profiles and Presets (see image below).
Next, you will need to navigate to the ZIPPED preset file you downloaded.
You’re DONE!

Why can’t I import presets into Lightroom?

Please check your Lightroom preferences (Top menu bar > Preferences > Presets > Visibility). If you see the option “Store presets with this catalog” checked, you either need to uncheck it or run the custom install option at the bottom of each installer.

Are lightroom presets free?

Yes some are free and some are paid. If you wish to get some for free then you can download them from playstore. Also available on chrome.

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